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Metric Premium Cabinetry
  • Mr. Eddy Ateng


    "We used METRIC 5 years ago in 2013 starting from our office in Sunter, at the first time we heard METRIC was high level so it made us a little afraid to look for METRIC but after we went through the Sunter project we saw the quality, saw the service, we decided that almost all of our projects used METRIC, after Sunter we handed over our luxury house project in Batam which had just finished last year (2017), then continued our head office in Surabaya which was approximately 1500 meters and just finished April 2018 and we are very satisfied. Then the next project is our residence in Surabaya on F3 and currently in progress, after that we will also hand over our home project in Surabaya I53, the best impression is that the quality is good, the service is extraordinary, So success for METRIC."

    Testimoni Bapak Eddy Ateng
  • Mr. Andy


    "As a contractor , I have seen various furniture products installed in my client's house. I chose Metric for my own house because even though the price is a bit expensive , the results are excellent and exactly like what we wanted.Unlike choosing new clothes, when in case we do not like it ,we can store it , When we choose furniture, We will see it every day, We need to be sure that the furniture for our home is the one can fulfill our dream."

    Testimoni Andi
  • Mrs. Swan ( Founder Dapur Solo )

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    " When my architect from "dra dra 99" designed the interior of my apartment in Springhill, he recommended Metric as one of my alternatives. I thought that Metric must be expensive. However after Metric proposed their quotation, I was very surprised that their price was actually in accordance with my budget. In the end, I chose Metric for the entire interior in my apartment and I am very satisfied with the result. Their work is outstanding. After the interior was completed, my apartment is considered the best in my tower. The service that I received from Metric is excellent my complaint was immediately taken care of. I was also very surprised to receive 3x free cleaning treatment for the next 3 years. Overall, I am very satisfied I chose Metric "

    Testimoni Ibu Swan
  • Mr. Didi Mirota

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    " We are satisfied using Metric because they have quality material and good finishing with attractive design, good after sales service and meet the expectations"

    Testimoni Bapak Didi
  • Mrs. Farida

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    " Metric quality is better than the other with attractive design and perfect installation "

    Testimoni Ibu Farida
  • Mr. Sugiono ( Malang )

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    " Metric have a good quality and satisfying in design - and also fast on process and designing. "

    Testimoni Bapak Sugiono
  • Steven


    " I am very proud for my room's interior by Metric , even my friends are always amazed when they saw it , Thank you Metric ... "

    Testimoni Steven
  • Mrs. Amalia
    Brand Consultant & Etnographer


    " Since the first time I see Metricís kitchen in my friendís house, I immediately admire the design. Then my husband and I visited the showroom and went to the exhibition to know more about Metricís products. Now I have my own Metricís kitchen. The design adds exclusive modern touch to my home interior and become the center of my friend's interest whenever they come to my home."

    Testimoni Ibu Amalia
  • Mrs. Caroline


    " I know the brand Metric since 1998, since then everytime i built a new house or renovate my home and my childrensí home, we always use Metricís products. I have three reasons why i always use Metricís products. First, the quality is undoubtly the best, I my first Metricís products are still in good condition. Second, Metricís team work is excellent, they are always ready to help and attend to our queries. Last, I dont know how many times i have ordered from Metric, all my friends who come into my home always complement me by saying : " wow, its so elegant and neat ".

    Testimoni Ibu Caroline
  • Mrs. Esther Pluit, Jakarta Barat


    I have used Metricís products for quiet sometime now, in my previous house and in my current house. Because the quality is excellent and long lasting, the design is great as well.

    Testimoni Ibu Esther
  • Mrs. Melissa Averina

    images/testimonial/large/Ibu Melissa Averina.jpg

    Cooking at home become an enjoyable experience because it is very comfortable to be in my kitchen, i even have once cooked with a total of 15 friends in my kitchen. Thank you Metric Kitchen for my comfortable kitchen! We had so much fun and it surely will be a memory that lasts forever.

    Testimoni Ibu Melissa
  • Mrs. lndah - Bali


    " Before we decided to order from Metric, we have done our survey to the other kitchen maker and we immediately felt that Metricís display is the best choice. Since we purchased Metricís product, we are satisfied with the quality and also with the service, the cabinet finishing is excellent, eventhough the price is expensive but the quality of the product is great."

    Testimoni Ibu Indah
  • Mrs. Santi - Bali


    " I am happy with Metricíquality and service, the price matches the productís quality. "

    Testimoni Ibu Santi
  • Mr. Johny Soepandi Pluit - Jakarta Utara


    " I feel very satisfied with Metricís products, the quality is excellent and the after sales service is pretty good too. Almost all my houses are filled with Metricís products."

    Testimoni Bapak Johny
  • Mrs. Maudy - Gading serpong


    " We are pleased with Metricís design in our new house, it looks neat and functional. Eventhough the price is quite high but it is comparable with the quality and service. I will definitely recommend Metric to my friends. "

    Testimoni Ibu Maudy
  • Mrs. Aniek


    " I am very satisfied with Metricís kitchen, it is beautiful, modern, functional exactly like I wanted, exclusive with affordable price. Cooking is more passionate and I feel inspired to try cooking new recipes. Thank you Metric....I wish Metric continue to grow and have many new customers."

    Testimoni Ibu Aniek
  • Mr. Victor


    " I am satisfied with Metricís result. "

    Testimoni Bapak Victor
  • Mrs. April Savage


    " Metric is The Best "
    I love Metric products and service, the product quality is excellent, exclusive and able to reflect our taste and the price is affordable. The first time I saw Metricís product, I immediately fell in love with it and when my friends come over to my house, they complement my beautiful kitchen. I am very happy. Thank you Metric.

    Testimoni Ibu April
  • Mrs. Helen


    " Ever since I have my first Metric products in my house in 2002, I always return to Metric because of Metricís tested product quality and I feel very satisfied with Metricís design and service. Until now, I trusted all my new houses interior to Metric. "

    Testimoni Ibu Helen
  • Mrs. Jenny


    " Our pantry was made 14 years ago and until now it is still in great condition, easy to clean and long lasting. "

    Testimoni Ibu Jenny
  • Mr. Mulyadi


    " We are satisfied with Metric, if i compare Metric product quality and excellent service with the price, in my opinion Metricís price is reasonable."

    Testimoni Bapak Mulyadi
  • Mr. David Jakarta Barat


    " Good quality & good services, nice to have them at home. "

    Testimoni Bapak David
  • Mr. Budi & Mrs. Paula

    images/testimonial/large/Budi dan Paula.jpg

    " A different look is made in our home with Metricís product in our living room, it reflects neatness and simplicity, making the whole family members feel comfortable and enjoy to stay in the room and spending more quality family time. Simple design, good quality material, and expert installation adds assurance for us to have Metric products in our home. "

    Testimoni Bapak Budi dan Ibu Paula