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Metric Show Kitchen
Delicae, Senayan City

cerita perempuan

Working together with Senayan City Metric presents an unique concept that is the first show kitchen in the food court area located in Delicae 5th floor Senayan City, Metric's kitchen is fit up the premium ambience.

Delicae's Grand launching was held on May 31, 2017 in Senayan City enlivened by brand ambassador Metric chef Rinrin Marinka. The event was lively with a cooking demo by chef Rinrin Marinka on Metric's new kitchen. The kitchen that carries the concept of elegant, luxurious, and modern decorate an area of 17.28 square meters.

" Cerita Perempuan
Trans TV Every Monday - Thursday at 10.00-11.00 "

cerita perempuan

Metric always innovated and never stops introducing the brand to the public, now Metric is trusted by Trans TV to put the kitchen products in Cerita Perempuan show that aired on TV every Monday - Thursday 10.00AM - 11.00AM.

With modern kitchen innovations that will facilitate every host activity in the event, Metric's kitchen is specially designed with a team of experts who will always meet your kitchen needs.

"Iron Chef Indonesia 2017 RCTI
Saturday and Sunday at 16.00 "

Iron cheft

Iron Chef is an Indonesian cooking show that based on the Japanese show, Iron Chef, known as Iron Chef Indonesia. The series began on 22 April 2017 and aired every Saturday and Sunday at 16.00

This is the umpteenth time Metric is to be the most trusted kitchen in the event on television, the kitchen is made with simple and functional for all situations in the event, with Metric kitchen standard quality we expected that cooking events in the Iron Chef kitchen Indonesia runs perfectly.

" Integrating Functionality , Aesthetics & Lifestyle

Majalah Idea

Kitchen with charming design is the trend these days. Kitchen design, which is not only pays attention to the functionality, but also considers the aesthetic and lifestyle of its users.

Nowadays, kitchen has evolved; it is no longer just a place to cook but also has an entertainment element that could create a pleasant ambiance for its user. Kitchen can be displayed and boost its owner’s prestige. This area can also become a comfortable place to hang-out and entertain family or relations. Furthermore, kitchen can be the central place at home where all the daily activities of the family take place.

Having a kitchen that is adjacent to a living room or even the entrance area of your home is no longer uncommon. Therefore aesthetics should not be left out. It takes a skill of its own to arrange them to look beautiful, yet still functional.

At least this is the myriad of experience which can be shared by Wen Han, Director of Metric; a company that is in the business of designing and manufacturing kitchen, wardrobe, bedroom and living room. Having twenty-two years of experience under its belt, various kitchen designs have been created by Metric.

"Kitchen design should be integrated with other rooms in the house so that the presence of kitchen could empower the room around it to become more attractive and blend together" said Wen Han. It will look beautiful and exquisite if the kitchen design is integrated so that it does not give an impression as a different room and feels disconnected.

Innovation and new technologies in kitchen materials need to be applied for a beautiful and functionally delighting design.

Kitchen layout must be adapted to the maneuvering rhythm of the user and the room’s condition. All those activities are then organized into multiple zones that are planned to ensure comfort and safety maneuver.

The kitchen should be nicely finished to create a perfect look. A design which is coordinated with a stylish and functional storage system is applied.

In addition, usage of LED technology for the lighting system will enhance its functionality and provide an aesthetic element with LED colors and shapes that raise the appearance and create the desired ambiance.

Do not risk your long-term investment. Entrusted your kitchen planning to the expert will guarantee satisfaction in creating your ideal kitchen as according to your expectation.

Our New Inspirational Showroom at "Panglima Polim"

Showroom Pangpol

Untuk selalu berinovasi memberikan inspirasi gaya hidup modern , Metric Panglima Polim kini berpindah tidak jauh dari tempat sebelumnya. Showroom dengan konsep desain terbaru ini diharapkan dapat memberikan sesuatu yang dapat menginspirasi hidup anda. Segera kunjungi dan dapatkan pengalaman serta penawaran yang terbaik.

Masterchef Junior Indonesia (RCTI, Minggu 16.00 WIB)

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