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Master Chef Indonesia 2020 season 6

Master Chef Session 6

Master chef is a reality show that is well known to the Indonesian people with a cooking competition by bringing together cooking experts from different backgrounds.

Now RCTI as the broadcasting rights holder of Master Chef Indonesia again entrusts the making of kitchen and various interior needs to the Metric for Master Chef season 6, is the 6th time Metric is trusted to support Master Chef Indonesia in a row from the first season at 2011.

Master Chef Indonesia season 6 will be airing on RCTI on December 21, 2019 and Master Chef Indonesia will air every Saturday at 03.45 PM and Sunday at 04.15PM, in this season Master Chef will present more challenge with the formation of new judges, Chef Juna, Chef Arnold and Chef Renatta, it will become a new color in Master Chef Indonesia in season 6.

Know the Characteristics of Processed Wood & The Finishing

The best quality of furniture is determined by the type of using the material and the finishing.

In the past, furniture was made of solid wood without any connections. Furniture from wood like this will be more tough because it is thick. After a long time the wood supply was running low, furniture from solid wood could no longer be made.

Instead, furniture is made of wood that is joined together. If the fiber is not good enough can be given a layer on top (for example PVC or veneer). Some types of solid wood that are often used as materials for making furniture are teak, sungkai wood, nyatoh wood, and Dutch teak wood. Each type of solid wood certainly has its own characteristics, such as visual appearance, strength of materials, and also the use of finishing.

But now solid wood is increasingly scarce and has an increasingly expensive effect, so as an alternative, processed wood is utilized.

Processed Wood Becomes The Alternative

With wood processing technology, the remaining wood can be processed into plywood, blockboard, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), and particle board.

Currently the quality of processed wood is also getting better so that it gives many choices for the furniture industry (various benches and chairs, beds, nightstand, and various types of cabinets including wardrobe or wardrobe, and also kitchen sets ).

As is the case with solid wood, various processed woods also have a characteristic character.

Let's find out, see one by one!



This wood is a type of processed wood, made from thin sheets of wood that are glued with high pressure using special adhesives. Plywood is available in several thicknesses of 3mm, 4mm, 9mm and 18mm. While the length and width of 240cm x 120cm.

Because plywood has a plain surface and has no distinctive fiber, this plywood is given additional coating when it will be used as furniture. In the market, the name plywood is better known as plywood or multiplex.



Blockboard is a small piece of wood (about 4-5 cm) that is compacted by machine and coated so it becomes a sheet like a board. Blockboard is available in two thicknesses, namely 15mm and 18mm, while the length and width are like plywood sheets, which are 240cm x 120cm. This material is now in great demand for cabinets or shelves because of its economical price.

Because the blockboard has a plain surface, this processed wood is given an additional coating when it will be used as a furniture. For example teak coating (teak) on a blockboard, producing wood called teakblock. In addition there is also a board that is given a layer of sungkai and the name becomes teak block layer sungkai.

Because it is made of wood chips (and usually soft wood), this material is not very strong compared to plywood. But for display shelves, bookshelves, or kitchen sets, this material is quite strong, at least stronger than particle board.



MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is processed wood made from wood pulp mixed with certain chemicals and then compacted using glue media. The drying process has a temperature of up to 1,800 degrees Celsius. The final form of MDF is a board or sheet that is ready to be cut as needed. Like for example for beds, TV ornaments, tables, and cabinets.

MDF raw materials are obtained from plantation wood so that it does not damage existing forest wood. The wood taken for MDF is not of a type that is often used for furniture such as teak, ramin, mahogany, and others. So as seen from the economic value, MDF is more affordable for all people.

To produce an attractive appearance, finishing MDF uses several layers, such as veneers (thin slices of wood), PVC (poly Vinyl Carbonate), paper and fancy laminated. Finishing is available in a variety of textures, both resembling natural wood textures and other textures. MDF has an unlimited finishing texture and a variety of colors.

Furniture that uses MDF material is usually practical furniture, such as a knockdown system. This system is used in almost all furniture industries with gluing using dowels and connecting bolts that make the product easily removable.


Particle Board

Just like plywood and blockboard, particle board is also a type of processed wood. The material for making and making process is also similar to MDF wood, the difference lies in the raw material. Particle board is made of coarse wood powder mixed with certain chemicals and compacted using glue media and then dried with high temperature. The final shape of the particle board is also a board or sheet that is ready to be cut as needed.

Well, so many types will affect the choice of each furniture industry. However, it is not as easy as turning your hand to be able to obtain these materials. Its availability on the market is not necessarily complete, plus the quality of the ingredients. It takes "flying hours" to be able to choose truly high quality and has the character as described above.

For the sake of certainty the quality of furniture that you buy or make, order at a trusted furniture maker industry will be safer and more comfortable. Quality materials guarantee durability and can be more longer used.

Being a trendsetter in the eyes of the public in the field of premium cabinetry systems, Metric as a furniture manufacturing company in Indonesia, could be one of the choices.

The Metric Cabinets are made with a practical knockdown system, which demands easy installation. Environmentally friendly and supports practicality, the type of processed wood also gives an attractive appearance. The processed wood has an unlimited finishing texture and a variety of colors. There are many finishing options, such as veneers (thin slices of wood), PVC (poly Vinyl Carbonate), HPL (High Pressure Laminate) paper and fancy laminated which have varying textures and colors. This allows you all to realize designs according to your tastes and needs.

Now, don't wait too long, make your choice right now!

Walk-in Closet is a New Trend, Well-Organized Your Clothes and Collections in The Modern Wardrobe

In the interior world, the presence of furniture plays an important role, both in the functional and aesthetic of the home. No exception furniture that supports the function of storing goods at home, for example in the bedroom.

The bedroom should be the most relaxing place in the house. But how can we rest if our room is full of things?

Taking some notes on storage of stuff in the bedroom becomes something important. Clothing and accessories are items that are usually stored in the bedroom, if we do not have a special wardrobe or commonly known as a walk-in closet.

Design innovations in furniture, fabrication technology and materials, have creating a good wardrobe design in the bedroom or in a walk-in closet, different from the design of cabinets we known so far.

Since the 1980s we know where to store clothes or wardrobe (wardrobe) with almost the same design. Rectangular shaped with several shelves for storing clothes and equipped with several doors.

Artikel 1

Wardrobe image of the 1980s Source (special)

As time goes by, for the practicality reasons, now there are places to store clothes and equipment designed without a door. Not only the absence of a door, overall the design of this clothes storage is completely different from the wardrobe in general.

For example, in the "open" cabinet design, there are no longer any wall cabinets on the left and right sides, because this section does not exist. There is only a cabinet frame in the form of iron blocks or other materials, which are fastened to the wall and to the floor. These beams support the drawers, shelves, and clothes hangers. To avoid dust, usually cabinets like this are placed in a dust-free room.

Artikel 2

Picture of open wardrobe model from Metric

Even more cooler is the wardrobe designed in the walk-in closet - an Modern wardrobe that means a dressing room - which is usually separated from the rest of the room. Although a separate walk-in closet is usually integrated with the bedroom and bathroom.

In principle, not only for clothes, the function of walk in closet is as a special room for storing personal items such as clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. In fact, now its function is also increasing, as well as being used to clean themselves, change clothes, look in the mirror, and make up. The addition of this function is influenced by the amount of space available. The more spacious the room, the more varied its functions. Not only clothes, various personal equipment can be included in it.

Artikel 3

Picture of Metric's modern walk-in closet that matches the bedroom

The wardrobe design on the walk-in closet is also different from the common wardrobe in the room and is known so far. In general, the design is in the form of open shelves that meet the three sides of the wall to form the letter "U". The shape of the wardrobe like this makes the clothing owner can easily pick and choose clothes that you want to wear.

Being a trendsetter in the eyes of the public in the field of premium cabinetry systems, Metric has also created various wardrobe designs and walk-in closets that are made to meet the special needs of its consumers.

This custom made (not mass) design has become a personal identity for the owner, boast, raise prestige, and of course give more comfort. Following the tastes of homeowners, the style of design that was so diverse. In addition to modern and contemporary styles that are suitable for compact urban home, such as apartments or villas, Metric also develops classic styles that are in high demand among the high end.

Artikel 4

Picture of Metric's classic walk-in closet.

Related technology, Metric Supported on a choice of panel materials, hinges, and accessories that are functional and aesthetic. Equipped with elements that answer every storage and equipment need, Metric's wardrobe has the following element details.

- MDF is the material that we used, with color and finishing mostly using HPL layers pressed using sophisticated machines. Quality materials guarantee durability and can be used longer. Coupled with exclusive accessory materials (only Metric has a license to use it in Indonesia), such as hinges, HPL and other materials.

- The types of compartments that are available are not only for clothes storing, but also for others equipment such as ties, watches, collections of bags, jewelry, and even safes (places for storing money and securities).

- Placement of shelves is designed so that it is safe and looks pretty to store various purposes, such as placing decorations, photographs, bags, shoes, and other necessities.

- There is Shelves and box. Generally used to put clothes that are folded. Also equipped with drawers and sliding shelves to store accessories that are small so as not to seem scattered.

- Uniquely designed clothes hangers. To facilitate hanging and picking up clothes, the clothes hanger has a flexible design so that it can be pulled out with a special handle, or equipped with a hanger lift. Its function is to pull the hanging iron bar down and out.

- Innovation of sliding doors and accessories hangers were presented for certain parts as needed.

- To create a warm and romantic ambience, lighting mounted on the hanger, on the shelves or in the corners of the cabinet frame. The choice of yellow lights in addition to illuminating the cabinet, also enhance the appearance of the collection. Plus these lights are turn on automatically.

- The wardrobe are equipped with a security consists of a key. For the sake of creating a clean design "without a keyhole", Metric has developed key fingerprint card technology.

Well, there's no more story of mess room. With today's wardrobe, clothes and equipment are neatly stored, and easy to find when you are going to wear them. Certainly, the clothes become durable and well-groomed.


cerita perempuan


Having been trusted by our clients, Metric proudly designed and built the interior apartment units in Pondok Indah Residence; Open concept living room with three bedrooms is our well-developed, integrated approach in premium living style.

cerita perempuan


Metric is solution for your Kitchen, Bedroom, Wardrobe, and Living room in unique style and reasonable budget.

Considerate services include 3D design, on site measurement, delivery and installation.

cerita perempuan


This Open concept living room idea with a wall-mounted tv and rusted-style high pressure laminate (HPL) background.

The scale of furnishings is perfect for the space.

cerita perempuan


Designing this awesome modern bedroom, Metric worked collaboratively with the clients to pack in ample storage and high style on a reasonable budget of money, space, and time.

cerita perempuan


This master bedroom plays off a large bed head with combination of glass, soft material and the touch of soft brown wooden HPL.

The room is made for sweet dreams!

cerita perempuan


This Tatami bedroom is Inspired by Japanese bedroom that is small and efficient, the room is small but the working space and the bed area are combined perfectly to create a beautiful bedroom.

Metric Show Kitchen
Delicae, Senayan City

cerita perempuan

Working together with Senayan City Metric presents an unique concept that is the first show kitchen in the food court area located in Delicae 5th floor Senayan City, Metric's kitchen is fit up the premium ambience.

Delicaeā€™s Grand launching was held on May 31, 2017 in Senayan City enlivened by brand ambassador Metric chef Rinrin Marinka. The event was lively with a cooking demo by chef Rinrin Marinka on Metric's new kitchen. The kitchen that carries the concept of elegant, luxurious, and modern decorate an area of 17.28 square meters.

" Cerita Perempuan
Trans TV Every Monday - Thursday at 10.00-11.00

cerita perempuan

Metric always innovated and never stops introducing the brand to the public, now Metric is trusted by Trans TV to put the kitchen products in Cerita Perempuan show that aired on TV every Monday - Thursday 10.00AM - 11.00AM.

With modern kitchen innovations that will facilitate every host activity in the event, Metric's kitchen is specially designed with a team of experts who will always meet your kitchen needs.

"Iron Chef Indonesia 2017 RCTI
Saturday and Sunday at 16.00"

Iron cheft

Iron Chef is an Indonesian cooking show that based on the Japanese show, Iron Chef, known as Iron Chef Indonesia. The series began on 22 April 2017 and aired every Saturday and Sunday at 16.00

This is the umpteenth time Metric is to be the most trusted kitchen in the event on television, the kitchen is made with simple and functional for all situations in the event, with Metric kitchen standard quality we expected that cooking events in the Iron Chef kitchen Indonesia runs perfectly.

Our New Inspirational Showroom at "Panglima Polim"

Showroom Pangpol

Untuk selalu berinovasi memberikan inspirasi gaya hidup modern , Metric Panglima Polim kini berpindah tidak jauh dari tempat sebelumnya. Showroom dengan konsep desain terbaru ini diharapkan dapat memberikan sesuatu yang dapat menginspirasi hidup anda. Segera kunjungi dan dapatkan pengalaman serta penawaran yang terbaik.

Masterchef Junior Indonesia (RCTI, Minggu 16.00 WIB)

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