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Arti Sebuah Kenyamanan

The Meaning of Comfort.

Some of us may use to spend the time outside than inside the home. However, during this pandemic era, we may not have much choices but to spend more time at home. These unprecedented times bring us to realize the importance of comfortable dwellings.

The comfort of a home accommodates our activity needs for all occupants, such as working from home and our children playing or studying at home. It is now become essential that our home has a supportive and comfortable ambience to accommodate our activities.

Metric has been in the interior business for more than 26 years. Our teams have also handled a variety of customers with distinctive, intricate taste. With this immense experience, we agree that a comfortable home must at least accommodate the following criteria:

In a comfortable home, we will enjoy Quality Time together with family, time will be more memorable through structuring and providing well-organized needs.

Considering every need is one of the important things, structuring a design by looking at all the needs for each family member is one of the keys of a comfort

Then to support the mood so as not to get bored at home, one of them we can outsmart playing with a visual interior that suits the tastes of every individual in the family.

And the last thing that makes us feel at home is the presence of technology in our homes that will provide convenience for each user activity.

It's time to enjoy life at home as comfortable as staying in a five-star hotel, realize the interior of your dreams with Metric, make your days more positive with the activities you will spend with your family at home.

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Kenyamanan Di rumah Anda

Feel the luxurious comfort in your home.

The design is relatively the same as a luxury, here we will connect a luxury that is directly proportional to comfort. Believe it or not, a comfortable residence will improve the life quality of its homeowners and this is a luxury that is very meaningful in one's life.

Comfort is certainly everyone's dream but sometimes because of the variety of your busy activities that make you do not have time to arrange the house and during a pandemic like this then you feel you really need comfort while at home because some of your activities are now mostly done in the house.

Various activities currently carried out by mobile, sometimes you have to meeting with zoom app and then communicating with WhatsApp on a mobile phone sometimes when thirsty or need a snack you have to look for it in the kitchen, imagine these activities if your occupancy is not arranged with a proper design it will certainly make you bad mood and your work becomes constrained.

Good room management needs to be considered by the convenience factor in every activity that we do, as well as good flow and ergonomics. Then creativity will unite it all as a solution for the homeowner. Metric's own creative team is handled by professionals who have experienced dozens of years in the field of interior design.

No need to worry the Metric marketing-design team is ready to serve the needs of every custemor by presenting various kinds of innovations for convenience that are invaluable as a luxury.

Metric is solution for your every interior need. Tell us how we can help you. Metric Premium Cabinetry System, contact us on Whatsapp: 0813-8125-2198

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Menyiasati Living Room Apartemen

Cheat for Living Room Apartment

One of the reasons why most people now-days prefer to live in apartments is becouse of the complete facilities and there are those who think that buying a house in an urban area has a very high price. But the challenge if we live in an apartment is a very limited land where the available space is usually a living room integrated with a pantry or even a living room that integrates with the bedroom (for studio type), therefore the interior arrangement is very important so that we feel comfortable at home.

Most people who live in an apartment will try to make the interior of the apartment look spacious, neat and easy to clean, so that the residents feel comfortable while resting after struggling with their busy work. Because we are more active in the family room (living room) then try to apply these 4 tips to make the living room of your apartment more comfortable.

1. Artwork on the wall with a large size

    The artwork here can be the size of glass covering the entire wall with a unique shape, cabinet panels and for the cheapest solution can use large posters or paintings. Create a focal point and give your space some wow factors with artwork on one of your living room walls.

2. Simple style

    A lively living room with unobserved items can look messy and disorganized. Choose your collection and only leave the part that has sentimental value. Simple and organized space will allow existing items to look more stand-out, and that will help you determine your budget.

3. TV that integrates with the room

    There is no denying the impression of luxury and sophistication in a room that has a large black television and then placed in front and center. One trick is to hang the TV in a cabinet that is designed to be integrated with the room. Besides looking harmonious and clean the broad impression on the space will also be achieved.

4. Combine several accessories

    Accessories in the form of plants will make your tired eyes more relaxed using these accessories in several corners of the room and can also be smaller in size to be placed on the table. You can also add unique and artistic components to the interior of your apartment (even with the right budget).

To anticipate a limited space is indeed very challenging if it is possible to use a cabinet that fits the size of your room in addition to storing things to make it look more neat and clean the cabinet can also be an important element in a room, well here the role of custom furniture is very important, where we can adjust the design to suit every room size and will always look interesting to look at.

Metric is one of the companies that crust in the field of custom furniture that has been trusted by its customers since 2004, and has experience designing and producing residential interiors, offices, restaurants and even famous apartments in all major cities in Indonesia.

If you don't have an idea for your room, immediately consult your interior design with Metric to make it happen …

5 Tips Design Interior

How to determine the interior design that suits you

Determining the concept of interior is not easy, for example if you want to fill the interior of your home, there will definitely be a question of what kind of interior concept or themes is suitable for me? The interior concept is indeed divided into several concepts including; modern classic, classic, rustic, futuristic etc.

How important is the concept of interior, and why do you have to understand what concept is suitable for your home? The answer is simple because this concept will determine the cost, color, shape, furniture, and accessories. And how do we determine the interior concepts for our homes, apartments or even offices?

Here are a few steps to help you:

1. Looking for design references

     Looking for design references at this time is very easy, a lot of media that we can use on the internet, for example social media, especially on Metric social media with an Instagram address on metric_id, facebook on metric ID and Metric website at You can also look for it in books, magazines, etc.

2. Our daily character and habits

     You can also take a note on your daily habits for later to consult with interior designer, because later the result of the design will adjust your habits, work and even your nature. What makes the interior of the house will looks much more like you as the owner.

3. Don't put aside comfort and function

     After taking a notes of your habits, interior designer usually will convey a number of ideas about the functions of the cabinet and accessories that will be used to support your daily life so that they can be more comfortable and the cabinet functionality accordance with your needs.

4. Discuss with family

     Discussing with family members is certainly very important especially those who are married so that each family member will feel comfortable at home.

5. Discussing with experienced interior design

     After you know what you want, you only have to come to interior designer, but if you are still confused to determine the theme you can come to an experienced interior design company for example Metric with 25 years experience handling various types of customers.

5 Tips Apartemen

5 Tips for Your Apartment to Be Quickly Rented

Tips so that your apartment has a high rental price and easy to be rented or sold, the apartment furniture must meet this following criteria :

A. Need to have more value

     At present day the competition in the apartment rental business is increasingly prevalent so that the apartment must have more selling value than its competitors, while making your apartment space more attractive in terms of design      and more comfortable to live in, it will make higher opportunity to get tenants quickly with suitable prices.

B. Long lasting

     The attractive design is not enough to make the tenant comfortable in the apartment, so the furniture must also be able to facilitate every activity and last long so that the occupants will feel comfortable in the apartment.

C. Quick response in every repair

     Service is must be fast and easy to contact so if at any time the tenant needs repairs can be served quickly.

D. Simple, easy to clean and durable

     Apartments usually have a limited space so a simple design is needed but does not override every aspect of the furniture function, for example a bedroom that can be used as a work place here designers are required to be able to meet the needs of apartment furniture that has limited space, the apartment is also must be easy to clean and of course durable.

E. Design style: international

     Premium apartments usually interested by high-taste customer because usually the tenants of the apartment are expatriates (America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore etc.) who have residential expectations who have the same comfort as where their they lives.

Majalah Idea

Majalah Idea

Storage Ideas
Tracing down the history of wardrobe and its design development

Story by Dian Arthen (ID Magazine) & Metric

Wardrobe and closet are two words used interchangeably to describe a medium to store clothes. These two terms however have different meanings in the dictionary, a closet is described as an architectural feature, or a designated space inside a house, whereas a wardrobe is a piece of furniture. Perhaps the main reason why wardrobe and closet now basically describe the same thing is because modern design has combined these two into one, today’s houses are more likely to have built-in wardrobes along with other shelves located in a specific area that keep not only clothes but also other fashion items such as bags, wallets and jewelries.

The history of wardrobe can be traced back to the 17th century in the United States. Back then, wardrobes were made in the form of a hanging cupboard made from oak with heavy carvings on its doors. They were huge and the Americans exported them to the England and lasted for a hundred years. Then the use of oak for wardrobe gradually decreased and in came the American walnut that became the most sought after material to build a wardrobe.

Around the same time, clothes presses were also on trend, with drawers and sliding trays. In the 18th century, Tallboy that incorporates a chest of drawers and a wardrobe on top with the lower section is usually wider than the upper was on trend. Tallboy was mostly made from mahogany and the size was measured using the eight small men method, meaning that a Tallboy needs to be able to fit eight small men into it.

By 19th century, the mass production of furniture was growing and the economy was getting better, people were able to afford more clothes and it led to a modern form of the wardrobe with a hanging cupboard at each side, a clothes press in the upper part and drawers in the bottom.The most common materials used were mahogany, satinwood and other previously scarce woods that started to be obtainable. The biggest innovation in the wardrobe was the function of central doors that previously were used to only enclose the upper part, had been stretched down to the floor, covering the drawers as well as the sliding shelves and featured mirrors on the exterior.

In Indonesia, it wasn’t clear when exactly the wardrobe trend first entered the country. One of the most established furniture makers in Indonesia, Metric founded in 1994, started to branch out to wardrobe in 2001. Back then, wardrobes’ function was only for storing clothes, they tended to be bulky and made of solid woods.

By 2001, Metric came up with wardrobe product made of MDF material and HPL as a complimentary to their kitchen products. Metric received a positive response from their customers and they decided to add wardrobe as one of their core products. Metric prides itself as a company that understands the customer’s needs and is able to incorporate the furniture design with the customer’s room ambiance.

One fine example is the way Metric builds a built-in wardrobe that is tailored to each room, making it part of the room instead of being seen as a piece of a separate furniture. By always offering the latest design trends coming from European countries to their customers, Metric customers are mostly people who are into modern and minimalistic style, they most often ask for a wardrobe that is modern yet simple with great lighthing and in neutral color palette.

The Metric representative further told us that the main challenges in designing a wardrobe are shelves positioning, placement and designing each of the compartments to be well organized and efficient. If today’s trend is all about minimalistic approach, in the future the company predicts that people will lean toward rustic and industrialized design, having a wardrobe that features the latest technology yet is environmentally conscious by creating an efficient lighting system.

Majalah Idea

Serving table can also be designed in the kitchen area , not always in the dining room

Quoted from IDEA Magazine, by Johanna Erly Widyartanti - Sunday, September 30, 2018

Lighting is an important device in supporting a design. Pendant lights are applied line up on a banquet table and create a more intimate atmosphere.

The dining atmosphere will be more pleasant and intimate.

Your food will taste even better.

The presentation is easier because the position of the table is very close to the microwave, refrigerator, plate or glass.

Can serve truly fresh or freshly cooked food, directly from the stove or microwave.

Homeowners can make food orders for guests directly in front of them or even guests can cook themselves according to their tastes.

Dining is also a place to strengthen family ties between relatives and relatives with homeowners.

Home Interior 1

Home Interior 2

The Latest Home Interior Trend

For maximizing comfortable home, home interior is required materials that meet with health criteria, security, strength, and beauty.

Technological advances have contributed greatly to the creation of an ideal home interior. technology not only affects the efficient manufacturing process, but also the choice of materials and cozy home. Utilizing this technology, the home interior contractors were competing to create the best product.

Metric, a maker of kitchenware, wardrobe and TV cabinets, introduced a concept called the Premium Cabinetry System, which always using the latest technology from Europe. The concept that combines elements of design, quality, and service is to produce each panel using the machine, starting from cutting, drilling, until the coating to guarantee precision and finishing.

Meanwhile, the finishing materials are using HPL (high pressure laminates). HPL is manufactured with a high-pressure, high-temperature modern machine that prevents discoloration, even though it has been used for years. This product is also not peeled because it is processed with a hot press machine. In addition, this product is also waterproof and chemical-resistant cleaning fluid.

For top table, Metric uses Formatop material or solid surface that has several advantages. One of them is hygienic because the surface is not porous and easy to clean when exposed to soy sauce, sauce, vinegar, coffee, and other kitchen chemical fluids. The connection is also almost invisible, so the look more precision and beautiful. Solid and uniform material (not coating) allows the surface to be polished continuously without changing the shape and color. The coating is also heat resistant.

Luxury Kitchen 1

Luxury Kitchen 2

Luxury Classic Kitchen

Classic design is represent with heavy design and looks old. But not with this kitchen. Metric presents an elegant classic kitchen concept. Where the design used the neutral color element, modern, and full of luxury.

Classic kitchen generally requires an ample space to get good design results, at least 9 square meters. The shape of the kitchen can be made with the L or U model, with or without the island. Metric's classic kitchen is 25 square meters, dominated by white, combined with marble. All upper and lower cabinets used white duco finishing technique. This technique covers all the wood surfaces and produces a sleek and luxurious look. The top table on the kitchen and island, as well as the walls, are using a statuario marble type. This material produces a clean and elegant charm, in accordance with the dominant color in the kitchen area. Metric also adds sandblasting glass in some parts, to create the classic elements more subtle. For supporting accessories such as handles, locks, and hinges for the kitchen are using best quality products.

Classic design requires precision in finishing and manufacture, because many detail profiles have not flat forms. For that Metric uses the most advanced technology in realizing the classic design. Metric also used premium material and exclusive, so only Metric that has this product licensed in Indonesia.

In addition to materials, Metric also supported premium services, from highly experienced designers, after sales service, emergency services (standby service), free delivery, to the assembly and maintenance periodically at the project site.


Modern, Elegant and Comfortable Bedroom

Bedroom is the most personal room. And therefor Bedroom design idea are need to be carefully planned. Everyone's needs are different but the harmony must be maintained between practicality and utility.

This time Metric designer designed a bedroom with the theme called " Modern, Elegant and Comfortable " therefor Metric designers want to present the concept of a modern, comfortable, elegant and functional space.

Furniture should be arranged in such a way to bring through the easy access and also helping us to feel comfortable. With the combination of HPL and glass material to make it look modern with a touch of darker colors to create a calm atmosphere and make anyone who is in the bedroom fell more relax.

Visit the Metric showroom in your area and feel comfortable in every room.

Corner Kitchen 3

Metric Kitchen Inspiration

Nowadays, kitchen has evolved in terms of materials, functionality and technology to help us in our daily activities in the kitchen. Kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking but it is also a work of art.

Metric Designers created “Simple Elegant” kitchen that is built not only for your cooking pleasure but also doubles as the special place in your home. Our “Simple Elegant” kitchen which is displayed in Metric Panglima Polim, is designed to create a pleasant cooking ambiance by having a combination of space within the kitchen area.

The material used is thoughtfully considered following the latest trends of natural wood combining with modern materials that will create a harmonious and timeless kitchen design.

Come and visit Metric Showroom to get inspired and we will fulfill your dream kitchen...

Majalah Idea

Integrating Functionality , Aesthetics & Lifestyle

Kitchen with charming design is the trend these days. Kitchen design, which is not only pays attention to the functionality, but also considers the aesthetic and lifestyle of its users.

Nowadays, kitchen has evolved; it is no longer just a place to cook but also has an entertainment element that could create a pleasant ambiance for its user. Kitchen can be displayed and boost its owner’s prestige. This area can also become a comfortable place to hang-out and entertain family or relations. Furthermore, kitchen can be the central place at home where all the daily activities of the family take place.

Having a kitchen that is adjacent to a living room or even the entrance area of your home is no longer uncommon. Therefore aesthetics should not be left out. It takes a skill of its own to arrange them to look beautiful, yet still functional.

At least this is the myriad of experience which can be shared by Wen Han, Director of Metric; a company that is in the business of designing and manufacturing kitchen, wardrobe, bedroom and living room. Having twenty-two years of experience under its belt, various kitchen designs have been created by Metric.

"Kitchen design should be integrated with other rooms in the house so that the presence of kitchen could empower the room around it to become more attractive and blend together" said Wen Han. It will look beautiful and exquisite if the kitchen design is integrated so that it does not give an impression as a different room and feels disconnected.

Innovation and new technologies in kitchen materials need to be applied for a beautiful and functionally delighting design.

Kitchen layout must be adapted to the maneuvering rhythm of the user and the room’s condition. All those activities are then organized into multiple zones that are planned to ensure comfort and safety maneuver.

The kitchen should be nicely finished to create a perfect look. A design which is coordinated with a stylish and functional storage system is applied.

In addition, usage of LED technology for the lighting system will enhance its functionality and provide an aesthetic element with LED colors and shapes that raise the appearance and create the desired ambiance.

Do not risk your long-term investment. Entrusted your kitchen planning to the expert will guarantee satisfaction in creating your ideal kitchen as according to your expectation.

Corner Kitchen 1

Corner Kitchen 2

Style design : modern, simple

Concept :” the corner kitchen / L shape kitchen + island”

The main point to consider is the range of distance must support easy maneuver around the area. Area arrangement in this concept is to put the sink in the cleaning area and cargo shelves inside the tall unit for storage area including wine cellar and open shelves to keep kitchen utensils, meanwhile in between the two areas there is a preparation area that is easily reached from the cooking area. The island table has a dual function as cooking area and breakfast table as part of the current lifestyle trend.

Shape and color

Accentuate modern simple look with shape composition that is modest but add additional value in delivering a touch of elegance with personalized custom design.

Combination of dark grey and vanilla is chosen as colors that are in trend at the moment. Vanilla delivers luxurious effect and the dark grey panel with steel decoration highlights as the emphasis on wall panel and misty grey glass door which gives firm impression on the lower cabinet. While the chosen color for the table is white to deliver fresh, bright and spacious look to support the activity in the pantry area.

Metric Features & innovation :

Detailed aluminum trim and black plint are the accent which enhance luxury impression from the design. LED lighting gives dramatic effect for the modern simple kitchen design. Door finishing with stylish painted glass highlights the exclusivity that shines from the reflection of the materials. Cover profile which is placed on the lower part of the upper cabinet function as lighting space, electrical socket and light switch, allows the kitchen design to look neat and well integrated in terms of electrical detail.

The use of Solid Surface on the kitchen top table, grant shape flexibility in between the back edge of backsplash made as storage for kitchen utensils such as knifes, bowls and spices holders on the breakfast table which appear well integrated with the breakfast table because of the seamless connection between the materials.

The appliances chosen for the modern concept is down draft hood that when functioned can be pulled up and pulled back to the same level with the table when not in use. So as with the sink and faucet, which main concept is the same, when not in use then the faucet can be lowered down on to the sink level then the sink opening can be closed by sliding the two coverings made from glass.