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Modern, Elegant and Comfortable Bedroom

Bedroom is the most personal room. And therefor Bedroom design idea are need to be carefully planned. Everyone's needs are different but the harmony must be maintained between practicality and utility.

This time Metric designer designed a bedroom with the theme called " Modern, Elegant and Comfortable " therefor Metric designers want to present the concept of a modern, comfortable, elegant and functional space.

Furniture should be arranged in such a way to bring through the easy access and also helping us to feel comfortable. With the combination of HPL and glass material to make it look modern with a touch of darker colors to create a calm atmosphere and make anyone who is in the bedroom fell more relax.

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Corner Kitchen 3

Metric Kitchen Inspiration

Nowadays, kitchen has evolved in terms of materials, functionality and technology to help us in our daily activities in the kitchen. Kitchen is no longer just a place for cooking but it is also a work of art.

Metric Designers created “Simple Elegant” kitchen that is built not only for your cooking pleasure but also doubles as the special place in your home. Our “Simple Elegant” kitchen which is displayed in Metric Panglima Polim, is designed to create a pleasant cooking ambiance by having a combination of space within the kitchen area.

The material used is thoughtfully considered following the latest trends of natural wood combining with modern materials that will create a harmonious and timeless kitchen design.

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Corner Kitchen 1

Corner Kitchen 2

Style design : modern, simple

Concept :” the corner kitchen / L shape kitchen + island”

The main point to consider is the range of distance must support easy maneuver around the area. Area arrangement in this concept is to put the sink in the cleaning area and cargo shelves inside the tall unit for storage area including wine cellar and open shelves to keep kitchen utensils, meanwhile in between the two areas there is a preparation area that is easily reached from the cooking area. The island table has a dual function as cooking area and breakfast table as part of the current lifestyle trend.

Shape and color

Accentuate modern simple look with shape composition that is modest but add additional value in delivering a touch of elegance with personalized custom design.

Combination of dark grey and vanilla is chosen as colors that are in trend at the moment. Vanilla delivers luxurious effect and the dark grey panel with steel decoration highlights as the emphasis on wall panel and misty grey glass door which gives firm impression on the lower cabinet. While the chosen color for the table is white to deliver fresh, bright and spacious look to support the activity in the pantry area.

Metric Features & innovation :

Detailed aluminum trim and black plint are the accent which enhance luxury impression from the design. LED lighting gives dramatic effect for the modern simple kitchen design. Door finishing with stylish painted glass highlights the exclusivity that shines from the reflection of the materials. Cover profile which is placed on the lower part of the upper cabinet function as lighting space, electrical socket and light switch, allows the kitchen design to look neat and well integrated in terms of electrical detail.

The use of Solid Surface on the kitchen top table, grant shape flexibility in between the back edge of backsplash made as storage for kitchen utensils such as knifes, bowls and spices holders on the breakfast table which appear well integrated with the breakfast table because of the seamless connection between the materials.

The appliances chosen for the modern concept is down draft hood that when functioned can be pulled up and pulled back to the same level with the table when not in use. So as with the sink and faucet, which main concept is the same, when not in use then the faucet can be lowered down on to the sink level then the sink opening can be closed by sliding the two coverings made from glass.